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Navigating the World of Adventure Travel

Navigating the World of Adventure Travel

Unveiling the Adventurous Realm

Setting the Stage: What is the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)?

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) is a global network of adventure travel professionals dedicated to promoting responsible and sustainable tourism practices within the adventure travel industry. Founded in 1990, the ATTA serves as a hub for collaboration, education, and advocacy, connecting stakeholders across the adventure travel ecosystem to foster growth and innovation.

Membership and Network: Who Belongs to the ATTA?

The ATTA boasts a diverse membership base that includes tour operators, travel agents, destination marketers, accommodations, service providers, and industry partners. With members spanning over 100 countries, the association facilitates networking opportunities, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration among professionals passionate about adventure travel.

Advancing Responsible Tourism Practices

Sustainable Tourism: A Core Tenet of the ATTA

At the heart of the ATTA’s mission is a commitment to promoting sustainable tourism practices that minimize negative impacts on the … Read more