5 Simple Draft Beer Installation Companies Tricks Will Pump Up Your Sales

5 Simple Draft Beer Installation Companies Tricks Will Pump Up Your Sales

A draft beer system is a hallmark of any restaurant, bar, or cafe. It demonstrates a level of professionalism and credibility that bolsters customers’ confidence.

Ensure your kegerator is appropriately sized for the size of your taps. This ensures an accurate temperature. Also, avoid frequent keg rotations, which will negatively impact your yield.

Install a Kegerator

A kegerator is a great way to enjoy your favorite draft beer at home. These machines can be freestanding or built into your bar or kitchen. Some have casters for easier maneuvering on flat surfaces. They can hold up to two kegs and come in various sizes, with some capable of holding multiple barrels.

A kegerator includes the keg, coupler, beer line, and CO2 tank. The CO2 tank supplies carbon dioxide that passes through the coupler to push the beer through the line and into the tap tower. A regulator connecting to the CO2 tank lets you change the pressure or keep it constant. To adjust the regulator, pull the PRV ring briefly to allow gas to vent and help obtain an accurate reading on the pressure gauge.

Install a Walk-In Cooler

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Walk-in cooler installation may seem overwhelming, but it’s much easier than it sounds. Any pre-existing storage space can be turned into a walk-in cooler with foamed-in-place insulation panels and proper refrigeration components. These insulation panels are made of a thin metal sheet, known as a skin, that can be customized with various color and corrosion-resistant options. These panels are designed to fit with a cam lock system and are easily assembled by simply sliding them into place. They can be installed on-site or shipped pre-assembled. According to draft beer installation companies, this method is much less expensive and requires minimal labor. It is also easier to clean and maintain as compared to built-in walk-ins.

Install a Keg Washer

Stainless steel equipment promotes better sanitary conditions and ensures that draft beer, wine, kombucha, or cocktails taste fresh from the keg to your customers’ glasses. On the other hand, chrome-plated brass components can break down over time and impart off-flavors to your drinks.

The homemade keg washer uses a portable pump from a garden hose to re-circulate the cleaning solution into a carboy or keg, washing out coarse impurities and dissolving any caustic material. This project saves the cost and trouble of a commercially available automated keg washing machine that requires dedicated water, waste, and electrical power.

Pull the handle back and up to change a coupler, and turn it a quarter-turn counterclockwise until it unseats from the keg. Then take the hex nut, the beer nut, the Thomas valve, and the beer washer off of the coupler and separate them on a flat surface.

Install a Keg Cleaner

Keeping track of when your kegs, lines, and equipment were last cleaned isn’t always easy. Yeast, minerals, and bacteria can build up in beer lines over time and cause undesirable flavors and appearances in your draft beverages.

A keg cleaner is a simple solution to this issue. This handy device uses air pressure (either hand-pumped or powered by your CO2 tank) to pump a cleaning solution through your beer lines, out of the faucet, and into a bucket or drain.

After the cleaning solution has soaked into your lines, disconnect the coupler and flush the system with clean water. Then, you can reattach the coupler and faucet and turn your CO2 back on. This will allow you to begin serving fresh, delicious draft beer again.

Install a Keg Dryer

Using a keg dryer helps boost your sales by keeping beer fresh. When you use a keg dryer, beer can stay carbonated for up to three weeks. This allows for excellent sales and makes your beer more appealing to drinkers.

A keg dryer will also ensure your draft system is clean and sanitary. This will help prevent infections and off-flavors from affecting your beer. You can also use a keg dryer when storing wine, kombucha, or cocktails. These beverages contain acids that can break down chrome-plated brass and impart off-flavors.

Next, connect the keg coupler to the keg. Line up the tag ends on the keg collar with the slots in the hex nut and screw in until you hear it click into place.

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