Start your own cosmetics company

Are you the one who cares a lot about looks and often puts on makeup? Then this is for you. You can easily make your own make-up products. When you have nothing to do for an afternoon or when you want to start your own company. Because it is so easy to make, you can make a large production in a short time. Do you want to know how to make, package and sell your own products? Then read on.

A nice soft skin

Do you always want to look your best? Both during the day and at night? Then your own ointment is for you. You can easily make your own ointment yourself. To make ointment you need a number of basic products, namely, water, fat, and an emulsifier. An emulsifier ensures that the fat and water can be mixed.


Do you often suffer from chapped lips? Then you will definitely have to add a lip balm to your cosmetic products. For lip balm you only need three ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil and almond oil. To give your lip balm a nice scent or color, you can always think of adding edible dye powder or edible aroma. You can find and order these all over the internet.

Put your products in a nice jar

If you want to sell your own products, it is of course also important that you can put ointment, lip balm or another cosmetic product in beautiful cosmetic bottles. Because you put your products in cosmetic bottles, they also dry out much less quickly. This allows you or your customers to use the products for much longer. In addition, cosmetic bottles are also very handy because they are easy to transport. Cosmetic bottles are in fact sturdy and cannot just pop open. This way you don’t have to worry about sending your cosmetic bottles by post and whether they arrive at the customers in one piece.

Where do you get cosmetic bottles from?

When you start your own company, it is important that you have enough cosmetic bottles. It is therefore wise to buy them in larger quantities. You can also buy different cosmetic bottles. Some large, some small, some triangular and some round. You can also find these multiple cosmetic bottles under the name apothecary jars wholesale. By means of wholesale apothecary jars you buy larger quantities. Pharmacies and other cosmetics lines also often use wholesale pharmacy jars. Because you can buy many different types of cosmetic bottles wholesale with apothecary jars. In addition, you can also see if you can stick nice labels of your own brand on the apothecary jars wholesale. This way you color up the simple apothecary jars wholesale and you also make them unique, so that several people might want to buy your product.

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